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1. Whats your name: Freya
2. Age, Birthday and Local?: 16, March 16th, Wellington
3. Form of SI?: Cutting, bruising, scratching, Hair-pulling, pinching, Drinking, Punching walls, Smoking, interfering with wound healing, Eating habits
4. Why do you SI? To stay in control, To stop being numb, To find some happiness, To ground myself, etc.
5. When was your first time? What did you use?: Finger Nails, Early 2014, Razor on Halloween 2014
6. Where do you most often SI?: Hips/Thighs or legs/Ankles
7. What do you use?: Safety pin, Razor, Nails, Anything on hand really, Any alcohol I can find
8. Do you hide it?: Yes
9. Do you listen to music while you SI? Not intentionally if I am
10. Anyone know?: Yes (They all think I'm over it though)
13. Eating Disorders: No, but I have shitty eating patterns
12. Mental Disorders?: Nothing diagnosed
13. What would you do if you found cuts on your best friend?: She has a history with it, I'd tell her to tell one of her adults that she talks to or her therapist

Hope I filled out the survey right

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Sorry to bug. I'm new to the app. How do I unfollow this group? I've gotten help n no longer cut. Thanks n namaste

uhmm. hello there. here's my intro
01. Whats your name? Geanette
02. Age, Birthday, and Local?   18 , February 20, Mnl

03. Form of SI?:  Cutting, eating disorder
04. Why do you SI?:  to keep myself calm, and it made me feel relief.
05. When was your first time, if you remember? What did you use? I used razor, this September
06. Where do you most often SI? at our bedroom
07. What do you use? razor, last time , scissor
08. Do you hide it? yes
09. Do you listen to music while you SI? If so, who?   no
10. Anyone know? Want them to?   my friend
11. Eating Disorders?  yes, since I was uhm.. 13 or 14?
12. Mental Disorders? bipolar, depression, anxiety disorder
13. What would you do if you found cuts on your best friend?  when I was 15 yrs of age, I caught my friend slitting her wrist and I stop her from doing that tell her she should not do that again. but now, if I found my friend having cuts, I'm going to hug her and tell her I'm here for her that everything is going to be alright. I don't want my friends suffer on what I'm having now. its okay if it just me. not the people I love
14. Thank you for filling this out :)   no biggies

Have you ever wished / wanted somebody else cutting you?
Many years ago, I lost my girlfriend in a car accident. I was completely crushed. She was heavily into selfharm and we used to sit together in the bath tub when she either cut herself or asked me to cut her. We played with the blood and I huged, kissed her and I took her in my arms, passing my hand over her head till we both fell asleep. I wonder if anybody of you ever wished for or did something like this? Was it only us being so weird?

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There was a man on my train with some amazing scarring across both arms. Cuts long healed, all around 3cm long, some transecting tattoos on his forearms. One said "Jonas". A son, I presume.

I tried not to stare. He was well into middle age, carrying himself in a calm, detached yet imposing way. It was tragic, magical. He was so ugly, yet so so beautiful.

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Motoko 43
I've just taken today's dose of lithium. Its the first for at least three days. This morning I was wracked with muscle pain and the shakes. I've cultivated a pounding headache all day long.

Honestly? I'm in pain. Emotionally and mentally. I wasn't taking my meds because I wanted it to hurt.

"Wanted what to hurt Ryan?"


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Where did everyone go? I've tried searching the groups and it seems that the ones that I'dve been interested in, the ones that were active back in the day, are dead. Whatever happened...? Makes me wonder if there was a mass migration while I wasn't looking.


01. Whats your name?  My Name is Echo Jordan
02. Age, Birthday, and Local? I am 19 years old born Feb 18 and I am from Cochrane Alberta
03. Form of SI?: My Form of SI is Cutting.
04. Why do you SI?: I cut because its a realse for me of my stress and emotions like sadness and angery
05. When was your first time, if you remember? What did you use? My first time was in 7th grade and i used sicsorrs
06. Where do you most often SI? Most of the time its on my wrists or arms
07. What do you use? I use razor blades and or blades from a disposable razor
08. Do you hide it? Yes i do hide it.
09. Do you listen to music while you SI? If so, who? No i dont .
10. Anyone know? Want them to? One or 2 close friends know but i dont lwant any one else to know
11. Eating Disorders? Eating disorder i have a slight one but dont know what it is
12. Mental Disorders? none that i know of
13. What would you do if you found cuts on your best friend? I honestly dont know.
14. Thank you for filling this out :)

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2 years ♥♥♥♥♥

Words are hard to find...
How do you tell someone that you're a cutter? That the few faded scars visible on your wrist are the tip of the proverbial iceberg, that some days the only way to calm your spiralling thoughts is to drag a blade across your skin until everything slows with steady drip of blood?

Genuinely asking, here. I'm maybe-dating somebody, and I want to tell them, it's important to me, but I do not talk about this, have never told anybody, and I have no idea how. I tried, actually opened my mouth to say the words, but I froze up, felt sick and scared, and wound up saying something so banal I can't even remember what it was. Advice? Help? Please?


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