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xcut me deeperx

Razor Dreams
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Your god mod: rainbowfaerie13

This IS a PRO SI community.

01. No bashing.

02. 2 words. LJ-CUT.


04. Do not advertise other communites here either. Or post quiz results. WE DON'T CARE.

05. Newbies: please fill out the survey found (here) when you first join. It's not required, but its good to know who I'm getting here. :) heres mine. DO NOT POST YOUR SURVEY IN A COMMENT. MAKE A NEW JOURNAL ENTRY. IF YOU POST IT IN A COMMENT, I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN.

06. Please, no suicide notes. This isn't a community to encourage suicide.

07. Knowing the lengths some of us can go to, post every once in a while, so we know you're alive and well. (:

08. Pictures of injuries, scars and whatnot are welcome and encouraged :) but please limit the amount of non-entry surveys and quizzes.

Check these out:

Don't join this Community if you cut/SI for Attention. SI is not a trend, or something to do and show off because you think you're cool. Do not join if you are trying to stop.

This is NOT a helping community.

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