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New here :)
addictionis74 wrote in razor_dreams
01. Whats your name?-Lynzee

02. Age, Birthday, and Local?-17, August 25, NC

03. Form of SI?:-Cutting

04. Why do you SI?:-Because i've been through so much shit and it helps calm me down and i like the way it feels when i do it, and i love seeing the makes me feel so crazy but at the same time keeps me sane.

05. When was your first time, if you remember? What did you use?-When I was 12 & I used the corner of a
lipstick sample. Lame, I know but trust me it worked.

06. Where do you most often SI?-Mostly hips.

07. What do you use?-Shaving razor or a box cutter, or glass if I get desperate.

08. Do you hide it?-I have to, I cheerlead.

09. Do you listen to music while you SI? If so, who?-It varies, I really like listening to breaking benjamin. They've been my favorite band forever.

10. Anyone know? Want them to?-Yeah a few people, and now I regret them knowing & I don't want anyone else close to me to know because I truly don't want to stop, as deeply as I know I need to.

11. Eating Disorders?-Bulimia, or EDNOS not really sure which one. I lean more towards bulimia though.

12. Mental Disorders?-Anxiety, depression, PTSD

13. What would you do if you found cuts on your best friend?-I have, and she found them on me.
14. Thank you for filling this out :)

--Well i'm new here so here that is :)


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